How many emails can I send at once with Follow-up Emails?

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Why would I limit the number of emails that I send in batches?

Well, for good reasons – some of which we will explain below.

When choosing how you send emails, you should always be considering the sheer volume of emails you are sending (how many), and how often you will be sending them.

But what is the optimal amount?

That depends. On what? Your web host or SMTP server. They set your daily or hourly sending limit – these are things that plugins – including Follow-up Emails cannot detect, nor will your host typically change for you.

Contact your hosting company to learn what their limits are. Some hosts might just stop emails from being sent once their limit is reached. Worse than that, is that they won’t share the error with you – you’ll just see a lack of emails being sent in your reporting. That is not good.

See some popular host’s limits here.

What do we recommend?

We always recommend our users to send with a third party Email Provider and not your own host. In fact, we have made it easy by directly integrating wpMandrill into Follow-up Emails. Simply create an account with Mandrill, set up that plugin, and you’ll be off to the races. There is no extra configuration needed in Follow-up Emails. It will just work!

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