Four Tips for Cart Abandoned Emails

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Cart abandonment emails are a big opportunity for store owners to recover otherwise lost revenue. There are many reason why a customer leaves your store with a perfectly good cart filled to the brim, but alas it happens.

Here are a few stats as to why having cart abandonment emails is good (according to research done by remarketing firm SaleCycle):

  • Over an eighth (13.3%) of cart abandonment emails are clicked.
  • The average order value (AOV) of purchases from basket abandonment emails is 19% higher than typical purchases.
  • Nearly half (46%) of all cart abandonment emails are opened.
  • Over a third (35%) of clicks lead to a purchase back on site.

People click these emails, and typically at a higher rate than other marketing emails.

Things to think about when creating your email campaigns


Timing is critical, but persistence can still drive revenue. To achieve the greatest return, send your email within 20 minutes of the user leaving their cart. In this timeframe, you’ll gain the greatest return at over 5%, but even emails sent over 24 hours later will garner you an over 2.5% conversion rate. That is nothing to shake a stick at.


Do not be afraid to try a catchy email subject if you need to – as you know your customers best. You are battling for attention in your customer’s inbox. Attention is something that means revenue to you. Here are some tips to adhere to:

  • Make sure your brand is identifiable before the email is opened (either by sender name or in the subject line)
  • Make your subject line obvious – “You left items in your basket”
  • Don’t forget to personalize the email and subject line as much as possible, either by using the recipient’s first name or even by the name of the product itself
  • Create a sense of urgency. Use words like “Hurry” or “limited time” or “only”
  • If you need to be, don’t be afraid to get quirky and create a sense of excitement about the cart

Remind them of what they are missing

Be as specific as possible in your emails, as your potential customer may have visited many websites and had carts for all of them. Give as much detail as possible, including price, and product details. These are variables that Follow-up Emails can help with.

Make that sale

Ensure that your call-to-action (CTA) is prominent, immensely obviously clickable, and that the copy is targeted. Popular calls to action that we’ve seen work well are:

  • Take me back to my basket
  • Claim my item
  • Complete my order
  • Continue shopping

Learn more about how to create your abandoned cart emails using Follow-up Emails here.