How NOT to use QR Codes

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For all the great example of QR Code marketing that I’ve seen, I’ve probably seen 3 or 4 less than stellar uses. Here are a few examples to help steer you away from wasting your time:

  1. Don’t just send people to your home page. Trust me, you would rather they type in (and learn) your web address.
  2. Make sure your QR code is visible.
  3. Make sure your QR code can be scanned safely. (road-side billboard)
  4. Make sure there is mobile service where you place your code. (airline magazine)
  5. TEST. YOUR. CODE. (And have a few friends test it. Make sure it works.)
  6. Don’t put a QR in an email. It defeats the purpose. Just give them a link.
  7. Don’t interrupt a customer who is trying to do business with you. Make sure your destination makes sense… if you’re advertising a discount, or specific product, don’t take your user to your Facebook page. This would only serve to distract the user from what you want them to be doing.

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