Your company already attracts the brightest and most hard working people. Your organization gives its members the connections they crave. Your service turns customers into raving fans. Social media is a game changer. It can connect you with fans, friends, and even create new business opportunities. We know that you cannot ignore Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – among others, but what about your customers and your brand? Shoehorning¬†your business and your people into someone else’s social network, and adhering to their rules regarding what you can and cannot offer your community is not always practical. It’s no longer enough to simply have raving fans spread across the internet. You need fanatical communities in your own backyard, and the result is simple – traffic. For existing sites, communities can provide a 30% – 70% increase in traffic – providing greater opportunities for advertising, cross-promotion, and brand awareness. Think about just a few possibilities:

  • Get your sales and marketing truly collaborating with each other by forming teams around topics of interest and individual projects. Comment on each other’s work. Train your employees twice as fast with wikis, doc sharing and forums. Use with your internal team and with your customers – you only need one platform.
  • Capture your customers’ great ideas so product development can make those ideas real. Break down the walls between you and your customers by giving your company a private communication booth. A public forum connects customers with each other, enhancing their loyalty to your brand and products.
  • Make customers feel like people – not numbers – so they become your best evangelists.

We help you bring your employees, your fans, and your people together into your own, customizable platform. We can help you create a completely customizable social networking solution. Our personalized service can help you get up and running in no time, and we will customize your network for you to match your brand requirements – no more take or leave it designs and layouts provided by other companies with little to no ability to match your brand. Here are just a few of the features we offer in our SEO optimized community platform:

  • Blogs
  • Activity streams
  • User profiles
  • Private messaging
  • Friends
  • Groups (public, private, and hidden)
  • Forums
  • User email newsletters
  • Wikis
  • Document sharing
  • Classifieds
  • Rewards and achievements
  • Link aggregation and sharing
  • E-Commerce